Tuesday, July 15, 2008

More stuff, still in no particular order

People need to get angry -- really, really angry -- and take it out on both parties

Chuck Dupree, over at Bad Attitudes, reviews William Grieder’s Wall Street’s Great Deflation.

Phil Gramm got it right, says William Greider, or rather half-right. We don’t have an entire nation of whiners, but we do have a very vocal group of them. And they get what they want. To wit, our money.

Popaganda: The Art and Crimes of Ron English

Among his many other creative endeavors, artist provocateur Ron English paints and installs illegal billboard art. Two of my favorites are Playdate Iran and Evolution, It’s Not for Everyone.

To see more works in the Illegal Billboards series, check out the Popaganda website.


And now a brief message from John McCain


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