Monday, June 30, 2008

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Update I

Attention metro-NY job seekers: Fox News is looking for a freelance fact writer for its information center. Seriously. Must be a team player.

Announcing the birth of a new series over at i-mockery: Movie Assholes. My addition to the list would be any character played by Shirley MacLaine since her performance as Miss Kubelik in The Apartment in 1960. That’s a lot of assholes. A lot of sad, overacted assholes.

Via Sadly, No! comes news of some bumper-sticker crazy Dubya deadenders.
Term limits are man's law, not God's law. Don't stay home on election day. George W Bush is still God's candidate, just as he was in 2000 and 2004. Vote your faith and let God handle the details. Go to the polls and write in Bush for 2008. Get the word out that we can vote for God's candidate again in 2008. Let patriotic Americans know that voting for Bush is still the right choice.

At long last jump the shark may be scratched from the national list of overused idioms! Nuke the fridge may be replacing jump the shark -- at least according to the premier arbiter of pop culture poppiness, Newsweek. Now if we can just get rid of thrown under the bus.

Furry enthusiasts have descended upon Pittsburgh for the 2008 Anthrocon Convention. [For details on the place of furries in the geek hierarchy, read this.]

If you've seen animals roaming the streets of Pitts-burgh, there's no need to worry, it's just that thousands of furry enthusiast have returned to town for their annual meeting at the David L. Lawrence Convention Center.

Like any other conference, the Anthrocon Convention features workshops, panel discussions and vendors, but the attendees ... they dress like animals.

Attendees say they like to imagine what it would be like if animals could walk and talk like humans.

These folks say the word, 'anthrocon,' means human-like animals.

"Anytime you take an animal or something that is not human and give it human characteristics that's an anthropomorphic," says Anthrocon, Inc. chairman Dr. Sam Conway. "We playfully call it a 'furry.'"

This is the third year the convention has come to Pittsburgh.

"Coming to a convention like this, I actually feel like I'm coming home where I can be myself around others who have similar ideas," said Monica Huffaker, of Scranton."

The convention runs through Sunday and brings people from around both the country and world to the city.

Last year, the city made $2.3 million on the convention.

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