Monday, June 23, 2008

A pox on our house, or: Is this one of those weird tests of faith things?

First, John Hagee, corpulent charismatic evangelical pastor and prolific author, told me via God’s Candidate for America that George W. Bush was God’s own choice for president. (No information is available regarding which state God is registered to vote in, but clearly He’s been voting by absentee ballot.)

And so by the grace of God and the United States Supreme Court, George W. Bush became president.

But now Pastor J. Grant Swank, Jr., is telling me that because of George W. Bush there is a divine curse on the White House.
For instance, I believe there presently is a divine curse on the White House. Why? Because President George W. Bush placed the Koran in that house’s library. The occasion was a much-celebrated Ramadan dinner where both Muslim males and females were guests….

Taking biblical data into consideration, one can conclude that God was very angry at that move. I believe He has brought a curse [on] the White House because of placing the Koran alongside the Bible in the White House library. God cannot tolerate those who place other gods alongside Him.
Pastor Swank points out that “Bush should know better than that, claiming to be a daily Bible reader.” Well, that’s Dubya for you -- so careless about the details.

Theologically, I want to understand why God would let God’s Own President commit such a grievous sin. Why would God, previously quite chatty with Dubya, not whisper in his ear this time and give him a clue?

Geographically, I want to know if a divine curse on the White House is strictly limited to the building. Specifically, is it okay to visit DC as long as I stay away from Pennsylvania Avenue?

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