Thursday, June 12, 2008

Politics, religion, and borderline personality disorders -- perfect together!

Impeachment Halted, Bush Deemed Not Competent to Stand Trial

As reported by Mark Arenz.
WASHINGTON, DC- Sensing the increasingly sour mood of the country, Ohio Congressman Dennis Kucinich introduced a measure earlier this week to initiate impeachment proceedings against President Bush. Within moments of his speech on the House floor, however, leaders in his own party moved to effectively kill the bill by sending it to the Judiciary Committee….A s House Speaker Nancy Pelosi later explained, they were compelled to block the impeachment bill…. because doctors have determined that the George W. Bush lacks the mental faculties to stand trial.
Nonetheless, justice (and revenge) will be served.
So, if Bush cannot be held responsible for the missteps, blunders, and outright malfeasance of the last eight years, Kucinich and others are planning to mete out some sort of accountability to those who can: the voters. With that in mind, the knee-high Ohio Congressman is drafting a bill to prevent those who voted for George W. Bush in either 2000 or 2004 from participating in November's election….

For those curious about the effects of polyurethane on Circus Peanuts

Check out Late Reviews and Latest Obsessions, which, in addition to explaining what happens to Circus Peanuts soaked in polyurethane all night, also features “reviews of stuff that everyone’s already reviewed a long, long, long, time ago.” That works out great for me because my viewing and reading habits (excluding sports) are about 5 years behind the rest of the English-speaking world.

Marital conduct unbecoming

Over at The Atlantic, Ross Douthat helpfully offers social conservatives alternative ways of viewing McCain's 1970s marital disconduct in the year 2008 so that they don’t feel like superenormousgigantichypocritical moral relativists.

It doesn’t go over well.

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