Monday, June 16, 2008

Manchmal ist Nuance eine gute Sache.

Larry Johnson’s No Quarter blog ran this Late Night Quiz and Poll: First Lady.

Note the careful selection of photos. Let’s see: On the right, we have Aging Debutante Barbie attending Alan Greenspan's retirement party, while on the left we have Barbie's Pissed-off Maid attending Great Aunt Beulah's AFSME-sponsored group retirement dinner (cafeteria-style only).

The caption reads: Who here is a role model for America’s children?

Apparently, things got a bit nasty in the comments and so the entire post and comments have been scrubbed. But as we all know, nothing ever completely disappears from the internets. Rumproast and commenters have salvaged the photos and some of the commentary.
Thanks to Instaputz for the spark.

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