Friday, May 09, 2008

"Yeah, this is good shit. This is big."

William Rivers Pitt gets it.

Screw the hand-wringers and the always-wrong punditry who want it to be damaging so they can be buzzards as usual.

This [campaign] has been one of the better things to happen in America in a long time. Both [Obama and Clinton] deserve our gratitude, but Clinton more so for staying in even after the numbers ran out of spinning space….

I do believe......we're gonna blow the fucking doors off McCain's bullshit bus tour. And pick up Senate seats, and House seats. [emph added]

Go read the whole post. And consider:

Society, religious fundamentalism and black-letter law saw [blacks] as dumb beasts unfit to occupy the same space as decent people, or as petticoated chattel denied books and education and doomed to the empty existence of an inanimate decoration who could breed, had no legal defense against abuse, and usually kept quiet. Women have enjoyed the right to vote for less than 100 years, Black people less than 50, generally speaking. Think about that, and then consider those two again. [emph added]

Dave Chappelle’s grandmother had warned him when he was young: Never be the first black anything in America. And of course the same applies to women: Never be the first female anything in America. Because Good Lord the good people of God’s Most Favored Nation are going to crucify you.

So here’s to Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama … just for daring.

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