Saturday, May 10, 2008

Wait for it, darlings

Last I left MSNBC, it was Friday, May 9, 2008, at around 8:10 pm, during Keith Olbermann's show. He and Jonathan Alter were struggling to figure out if Hillary Clinton is (a) Nixon, (b) Agnew, or (c) both.

Wait for it, darlings.

Once the general election campaign coverage starts, we'll be watching Olbermann and Alter struggling to figure out if Obama is (a) more black than white, (b) more white than black, (c) more Christian than Muslim, (d) more Muslim than Christian, or (e) more comfortable with bomb-tossing terrorists (yes, that would be Ayers and Dohrn) than with "working, hardworking whites."

Really, how could such a heavy bloc of political programming on a news channel owned by GE not tilt towards a candidate (yes, that would be McCain) who thinks a 100 years in Iraq would not be such a bad thing. GE certainly doesn't think it would be such a bad thing.

That’s because in addition to owning various media, healthcare, and financial services companies worldwide, GE also produces jet engines, turboprop and turbo shaft engines, and related replacement parts for use in military and commercial aircraft; wind turbines; aircraft engine derivatives; gas and steam turbines, and generators; drilling and production systems, compressors, turbines, turboexpanders, and industrial power generation equipment; and all sorts of other nifty stuff useful for destroying-rebuilding-destroying-rebuilding regions and countries.

Like Lockheed Martin, the current king of morbid vertical integration in the disaster capitalism complex, GE can profit and does profit from making military aircraft and from rebuilding what they destroy (GE Infrastructure) as well as from treating the people they injure (GE Healthcare). As a further bonus, because GE owns media companies (GE NBC-Universal) such as MSNBC, it can effectively catapult the propaganda of its choice.

So while we’re waiting for the real fun to begin, go get a friend to play the Jonathan Alter role and struggle to figure out if Keith Olbermann is (a) a pompous hack, (b) a pompous all-purpose hack, or (c) a pompous all-purpose hack who receives generous paychecks from GE.

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