Thursday, May 22, 2008

So, God sent down the angel Adolphael…

to give his chosen people a subtle little nudge toward the Promised Land, huh?

McCain and Hagee and Hitler. Just doesn't seem fair, but then sometimes neither is God’s will. After all, John McCain is only God’s second-choice candidate for America. John Hagee hasn’t even written a book touting him, as he did for Dubya, who we all now know was God’s, and the Supreme Court’s, first choice.

Gosh, the corporate media was so very nice and helpful about overlooking the Bush-Hagee partnership and Hagee’s extremism back when Dubya was running for governor and for president. And now they’re being so picky about innocuous or obviously out-of-context remarks about Great Catholic Whores and Hitler and what not.

Being John McCain is a bitch. Must be God‘s will.

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