Monday, May 12, 2008

Is this not a tad whiffy?

From the Daily Herald, a suburban Chicago newspaper, comes this almost childlike letter, Democrats Who May Vote McCain.

Count how many Republican talking points are neatly covered by Ed and Linda Colaprete, whoever they may be. And you really do have to wonder who they are: Did they vote for Obama for Illinois Senator? They don’t say. Did they vote for his opponent, Alan Keyes? They don’t say. Did they vote for Hillary Clinton in the Illinois primary? They don’t say. Are they even registered Democrats? They don’t say.

Apparently Ed and Linda Colaprete descended from the heavens as fully grown adults, made a gentle landing in Elk Grove Village, looked around for a few minutes, and then decided: Anybody But Obama. And here’s what they do have to say [emph added].
We are part of the many Democrats that will definitely vote for John McCain if Barack Obama wins the Democratic nomination to run for president.

We would love to have our economy and national image restored to at least what it was during the Clinton years of presidency, but Barack Obama is not the answer.

Obama speaks politics and not what he believes. He only says what he must to win.

Actions speak louder than words. He does not respect America -- won't wear a flag on his lapel, won't put his hand over his heart during the pledge of allegiance and has been associated with some unsavory figures.

Where does his vast campaign money come from? One can only imagine. Hillary Clinton had to add to her campaign with her own money, which shows strength of character and determination in being what she believes and knows this country needs.

Do we vote for a president with a Rhodes Scholar influence or a president with prejudice and radical issues pressuring and surrounding him?

Although, John McCain is a Republican, he has some Democratic supporters and is almost like an independent. He knows the mistakes President Bush has made and, I [sic] believe, he also has what it takes to recover from the worst presidency of our lifetime.

We would prefer to have the Democrats back in office, but not with Barack Obama as president. We will support Hillary Clinton and if that's not possible, then our votes will go for John McCain.

Our belief and hearts [sic] desire is to have a Democrat as president. So please help me [sic] to influence the remaining superdelegates in the remaining states to vote for Hillary Clinton.

Ed and Linda Colaprete
Elk Grove Village [Illinois]
Isn’t that sweet? The Colaprete’s are concerned about Obama’s well-being too. It would be frightfully hard for Obama to carry out his prezidentin' chores what “with prejudice and radical issues pressuring and surrounding him.”

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