Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Cheese? Or snow?

“Should I watch cheese or snow?” -- Rusty Griswold, compulsively changing channels while contemplating the variety and reception quality of English television in National Lampoon‘s European Vacation.

At this point, I’d pick the cheese documentary, as long as Chris Matthews, Pat Buchanan, and Howard Fineman don’t make cameo appearances.

Here are a few non-cheese options to distract you from the media heebie-jeebies associated with today’s primaries in Indiana and North Carolina.

The Institute of Expertology

Bill Moyers recently presented a major feature on Iraq misinformation, the Institute of Expertology, and Victor Navasky and Chris Cerf’s satirical yet serious new book, Mission Accomplished! (or How We Won the War in Iraq).

To download the video podcast, click here. Or click here for transcripts and streaming video.

Uncle Jay Explains the News

Check out Funny or Die’s collection of Uncle Jay Explains the News. The soft-spoken Uncle Jay -- almost as hypnotic as Mr. Rogers in his prime -- helps small minds understand big news. I especially like this newscast--

Are our presidential candidates "elitists?" Dare we elect anyone who's smarter, more informed and more experienced than Homer Simpson to run our country? In this very special episode, Uncle Jay explains why politicians are sometimes accused of actually being smarter than the people who vote for them.

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