Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Now I get it, I think -- or maybe not

This NPR On the Media segment offers a neuron-boggling mashup of opinions on whether the Clinton-Obama race is over… merely effectively over… or assuming correct addition and subtraction, just technically over… except for the fact that Barack Obama cannot lock up enough pledged delegates to guarantee victory before the August convention… and of course barring the meteor scenario.

What’s the meteor scenario?

"If there's some revelation akin to Jeremiah Wright but 10 times worse, something that Obama isn't able to survive, then the pledged delegate count won't matter as much…. [Y]ou're talking about a meteor, you're talking about a video of Barack Obama in a motel room with a den of Cub Scouts setting fire to the American flag…. [and Barack] as client number eight, pretty much."

God that would absolutely induce seizures in Chris Matthews.

And then Marc Ambinder of Atlantic magazine offers this cryptogram: "It is unlikely that [Hillary Clinton] finds a way to win the Democratic nomination. It is not impossible. The manner by which Barack Obama wins the Democratic nomination is unknown at this point."

Whatever. As long as this doesn't wind up in the Supreme Court as Clinton v. DNC or Obama v. DNC.

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