Thursday, March 27, 2008


Re-liberation theology

Despite the fact that things are getting a tad crappier in Iraq, Bush nonetheless was quite pleased to tell the good people of Dayton, Ohio, that parts of Iraq are undergoing “re-liberation,” that fitness-conscious Iraqis living in Anbar just ran a 5-K race, and that General Odierno counted more than 180 soccer games in progress on his last flight out of Baghdad.

Just curious: Would a US military flight out of Baghdad really fly low and slow enough for Odierno to identify 180 separate soccer games?

It’s also interesting to note that 5-K races and pick-up soccer games don’t require electricity.

Mr. N. rejoices: His boycott of the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum ends in triumph

From the Utica Observer-Dispatch:
In a news release issued Tuesday [following the resignation of President Dale Petroskey], the Hall of Fame said Petroskey “failed to exercise proper fiduciary responsibility and it follows other business judgments that were not in the best interest of the National Baseball of Fame and Museum.”
Mr. N. had refused to go back to Cooperstown until Petroskey was gone. This is the reason why.
A celebration of the 15th anniversary of ''Bull Durham'' was scheduled at the Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, N.Y., for April 26 and 27 [2003]. Some of the stars of the film had agreed to participate, including Tim Robbins, who played the talented but callow pitcher Nuke LaLoosh, and Sarandon, Robbins's sweetheart in the movie and his wife in real life.

But Petroskey cancelled the weekend celebration, upset by Robbins' s criticism of the war in Iraq, views that Sarandon has also expressed.
For the record, Petroskey served as an assistant press secretary in the Reagan White House. What is it about Republicans, total assholism, and improper fiduciary responsibility?

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