Friday, March 07, 2008

Snippity doo-dah

Sorry -- light posting due to excessive crabbiness.

Tuesday night’s V-O-T-R primaries took a lot out of me. Mr. N. had MSNBC on for 6 or 7 hours straight. By 11 pm I was muttering lock-and-load under my breath. The idiocy. The inanity. And then the cross-armed hissiness when guest analyst Howard (Won’t that damn bitch just give up!) Fineman realized he should have negotiated a higher fee now that he’ll be coming back for the Pennsylvania primary.

Come sunrise and Morning Joe was on, along with the incoherent but tidily balls-waxed Christopher Hitchens. If this is end of empire, let it not be said we didn’t deserve it (and much worse).

I didn’t even have the inner strength to read Maureen Dowd’s Wednesday column on women’s shoulder pads. Fortunately, both Doghouse Riley and Mo MoDo have far more endurance than I.

Doghouse points out:
The last time [Dowd] wrote a column about anything other than Hillary Clinton was thirty-eight days ago, that one being a Thanks for breaking the story! post-mortem of the Giuliani campaign -- a campaign she'd covered in a single column to that point -- that mentioned "Clinton" nearly as often as "Rudy".
I would like to add that the last time Dowd wrote a column -- that is, a product with a stated thesis and an identifiable beginning, middle, and conclusion -- was never, which not coincidentally is the same period of time since Dowd actually tackled an icky-poo policy issue.

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