Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just not in the mood for sex (scandals)

“Mummy says I can have a sex scandal when I grow up.” -- Michael Palin, dressed as a 7-year-old posh English schoolboy, in Tracey Ullman’s A Class Act

So Spitz Quitz. That’s no resolution. I want true closure. I want Spitzer’s wife Silda to jam a fork into his overabundant forehead at a televised news conference. Go ahead: find a jury that would convict her. And the NYT was especially cruel to publish this 1984 Harvard Law graduation photo of Spitzer and future wife Silda Wall, all joyous youth, pure love, and as-yet untainted future. Just cruel -- like showing the wedding photos of the killed and killing spouses on Dark Heart, Iron Hand or City Confidential.

All the pundits are whipping out their sliding scales of morality to calibrate the appropriate punishment. Silda, dear, just whip out a fork.

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