Sunday, February 24, 2008

Today's MoDo PopCultRef Scorecard

Don’t have the strength to muck through the sheep’s entrails that Maureen Dowd managed to digitize as her op/ed column today, ¿Quién Es Less Macho?, or as I have renamed it, Que the fuck?

Instead, read this wonderful analysis -- think of it as a non-ode to MoDo -- of Dowd’s endless dithering and dallying by the incomparable Bob Somerby. All shrieking emphasis is mine.
Is Maureen Dowd a “progressive” columnist? We can’t imagine why we’d say that. We’ve read her carefully over the years, and it seems to us that she rarely expresses an actual view on any political or policy matter. Instead, she dithers and dallies on matters of trivia, voicing a range of utterly pointless and utterly predictable observations. And she’s largely an equal opportunity fool…. In short, Dowd isn’t progressive, or centrist, or conservative. More than anything, Dowd is a non-political throwback. She captures the fatuous world of the 50’s “women’s page,” in which the writer was allowed to opine about the hats at the recent parade. She rages out from this small, stupid world, but it’s the world she’s selected.
Fatuous indeed.

Mo MoDo takes on this one over at The Dowd Report with a thoroughly annotated But Does He Lactate?

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