Thursday, January 10, 2008

It’s Chris Matthews’ askewniverse. We only get to live here.

There will be no reining in the drooling tongue of Chris Matthews now. The New York Times thinks Tweety brings “energy and flair to the complicated, volatile business of political reportage.” Note that they don’t claim he brings any special insight or even any key information to his political reportage, but they do like his “gab, his bluster and fondness for colorful analogies.”

Wonder what they thought of this particularly colorful analogy.
CHUCK TODD: Some folks that could get drawn into the [Clinton] campaign are telling me that the most likely scenario is that they‘ll skip the next two states and basically say, OK, let‘s make this a referendum on Obama as the nominee on February 5.…

CHRIS MATTHEWS: And it reminds me of what the Egyptian soldiers said after losing the Six-Day War to Israel: Our strategy was to rape all the women and kill all the men.
That‘s not very good strategy when you are in retreat.
Of course, the Times didn’t say Matthews’ analogies were apt or even rational, just that they’re colorful.

UPDATE Matthews further embarrasses himself, MSNBC, and psychosexually well-adjusted Americans everywhere.

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