Tuesday, December 18, 2007

How to make Marmalard and Neidermeyer look exceedingly well adjusted

Francisco Nava (Princeton 09 via Groton via Bedford, Texas) eagerly joined the Princeton chapter of the prissy Anscombe Society and got pretty much what he wanted: no sex, a ready-made identity, the veneer of conservative authenticity, the narcissism of victimhood, and a supersized jolt of self-righteousness.*

Unfortunately, genuine victimhood was in short to nonexistent supply on the Princeton campus, but Nava was undeterred. He simply sent out threatening anonymous emails to himself and his fellow Anscombe members, apparently bashed his head into a brick wall and inflicted other wounds to his face and mouth, and then proudly proclaimed that he had been assaulted by two members of Princeton’s hormone-fueled pro-sex forces.

PMARCA has an excellent account of the festivities, with abundant links.

*At some point, Nava also converted to Mormonism. I’m still checking to see if he has signed on to any Romney campaign activities.

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