Friday, December 28, 2007

Deserves me right

When I was drawing up my list of Things I Do Not Want for Xmas, I forgot to add one item: the flu. Which is what I got. On Xmas.

Now, for all you amateur epidemiologists out there, as best as I can determine I got the flu from a visiting relative from Ohio. By the day after Xmas, I had infected at least two of Mr. N.’s relatives from North Carolina. The North Carolina relatives will be meeting up with other relatives from Florida this weekend. So pay careful attention to The Weather Channel’s Flu Outbreak Map and see if the color coding starts to change in New Jersey, North Carolina, and Florida. That’ll be me.

My particular strain of flu is the extraordinary bone ache-throbbing painful eyelashes-lots of shivering variant. I will not assume responsibility for any other version.

Some helpful advice: Until the end of the flu season, wash your hands compulsively and always wear BioHazard Level 3 protective gear when going outdoors.

Caring relatives give me a lift home from the family Xmas party.

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