Monday, November 12, 2007

Nietzsche once said -- or maybe it was Zsa Zsa Gabor…

“I'm not sure that the experience of being a guest worker from a developing country is terribly akin to the experience of being at a cocktail party without access to Moby, but no matter.” -- Kerry Howley, who for some reason works at Reason

“One of the most excruciating things that the current political season holds for the American voter is the fog of dishonest election rhetoric that is wafting about, mostly coming from the Democratic Party — as revealed in the vacuous pronouncements of Democratic candidates on the stump and in debates, with the counterpoint of divisive, mean-spirited invectives coming from their supporters on leftist Web sites. -- Barrett Kalellis at Newsmax, which is the Del Boca Vista Phase III for writers of run-on sentences

Military Deaths Lower Now Than in 1980s "American soldiers died in higher numbers during some of the peace-time years in the 1980s than in recent years when the military has fought conflicts in both Iraq and Afghanistan, according to a government report on casualty rates.” -- Fred Lucas, doing some really immoral things with statistics at Cybercast News Service

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