Tuesday, October 02, 2007

If you’re only going to not see one movie this year, make it this one!!!

The ever-astute Roy Edroso and his ever-astute commenters at Alicublog have fun dismantling Jules Crittenden’s incredibly inastute post about why Hollywood just doesn’t get war.

And, yes indeed, embedded in the middle of Crittenden’s critique is the inevitable wingnut disclaimer.
Now, Hollywood swan dives into the moralism tank with “In the Valley of Elah,” a movie that reportedly condemns the Iraq war by cherrypicking and embellishing a tragic tale without addressing any of the war’s fundamental issues, to convey the age-old message, “war is bad,” with its modern addendum, “and never worth it.” Disclosure: I haven’t seen this movie, and don’t intend to spend my money on it. The rave reviews told me all I needed to know. [emph added]
Stupid, stupid, stupid. And very disrespectful of one’s readers, too.

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