Monday, September 10, 2007


So Iraq is going as swell as can be expected, right?

To be honest, I only sporadically checked out the Petraeus/Crocker testimony because a rebroadcast of the US-England World Cup Rugby match was on and it had much more immediacy. I’ll catch next year’s Petraeus/Crocker testimony, if there are no scheduling conflicts.

As I was going flippy-flippy between MSNBC and Vs during Rubgy Union commercials, I caught these intriguing terms:
Kinetic areas, ie, areas we‘ve already bombed, are currently bombing, or are about to bomb once the sandstorms end; and non-kinetic areas, ie, stuff that isn’t worth bombing or stuff that hasn't yet been refurbished by Povincial Reconstruction Teams.

Transited -- odd MilSpeak verb formation used when people you don‘t want to be mobile are zipping about freely, as in “potential bad guys transited across Iraq’s unsecured borders.” It is never used in reference to US troops, eg, all US troops will be transited home by Christmas.

Mission transition -- polite expression used instead of “okay, whatever we’re calling it this week: preemption, liberation, democratization, stabilization.”

Ethno-sectarian -- agglutinative term (always a danger sign) indicating that your enemies are undergoing cell division and multiplying at an alarming rate.

The Irreconcilables -- denoting those people whom you are just going to have to kill; not to be confused with “The Incredibles,” which features the adorable Sarah Vowell.
Did Crocker mention anything about Iraq’s tax revenues? I’m curious how that wonderful flat tax is working out.

By the way, England won 28-10.

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