Thursday, August 09, 2007

Cruel, heartless blogging bastards!

This is from an August 8, 2007, NYT article, "Families of South Korean Hostages in Afghanistan Seek Solace, and a Solution," about the current status of 23 South Korean Christian aid missionaries kidnapped and held hostage by the Taliban.
The South Korean government has been under intense pressure to free the hostages, although some bloggers have criticized the Christian volunteers for going to Afghanistan despite warnings from the government in Seoul. [emph added]
Here's the thing: This is the only reference to bloggers (and blogs) in the entire article. It is unclear whether the statement refers to some South Korean bloggers or to "some bloggers" scattered throughout the world. It is never specified whether the blogs are those of individuals and/or of specific organizations. No blogs are mentioned by name and no comments are directly quoted. There's simply no way of knowing who these "some bloggers" are and just exactly what it is they are saying.

And the use of "although" in the dependent clause clearly invites readers to draw the inference that (1) a good many people want the South Korean government to do something to get the hostages freed, but (2) some un—Christian-like bloggers feel that the Christian volunteers were warned not to go to Afghanistan so screw'em.

Interesting how a single dependent clause in the middle of a New York Times article can be so jarring....

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