Monday, July 02, 2007

Mike Adams' exploding testicle

Sometimes it's hard to tell when Mike Adams is being creatively sloppy or stupidly manipulative. This time, I choose the latter.

Mike Adams' Exploding TesticleHere's some quick background: Recently, New Hampshire repealed its 2003 parental notification law. The 2003 law had been immediately challenged in court by Planned Parenthood; found unconstitutional by a federal judge because it lacked a health-of-the-mother exception to notification; taken to the Supreme Court on appeal by the state; and then bounced back to the federal court in New Hampshire to see "if the law could be salvaged" -- which is a nice way of saying, See if your state legislators can write a constitutional law this time. The legal case had been put on hold while the New Hampshire legislature acted. And so it did.

Here's how the Associated Press story describes the status of parental notification laws nationwide.
Forty-four states have parental notification or consent laws. Nine, including New Hampshire's, were unenforceable, according to NARAL Pro-Choice America, which filed a friend-of-the-court brief in support of Planned Parenthood's challenge. [emph added]
And here's how Adams describes the status of parental notification laws nationwide in his "satirical" column, Why I Support Statutory Rape.
Currently, all but six states have laws requiring parental notification or consent for a minor seeking an abortion. But eight others (excluding New Hampshire's) have been deemed unenforceable according to NARAL Pro-Choice America. [emph added]
That's Adams being stupidly manipulative. If you didn't know better, you'd think that New Hampshire's law had actually been in force. In fact, reading Adams' column, you'd never know that the law had been challenged and appealed all the way to the Supreme Court and back.

Adams is too busy hah-hahing about eliminating statutory rape laws to bother mentioning minor details like the Supreme Court and health-of-the-mother provisions.
[S]tarting today I plan to open up my home to any child who needs a place to explore her sexuality with an adult. A ten-year old and her twenty-one year old boyfriend can use my extra bedroom anytime with as much confidentially as she would expect from the good people at Planned Parenthood.

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