Monday, July 09, 2007

Clangers Alert, or Revenge of the Bodacious Tatas

[NOTE: For thoughtful examination of the "self-reinforcing dialectic of mutual lunacy" that is our media's coverage of Fred Thompson -- the kind of thoughtful examination you won't find here -- check out Thers' post at Firedoglake.]

A short time ago, I posited that two of the five key problems facing Fred Thompson's campaign belong to his wife. Another problem, potential blowback from his lobbying days, has emerged, but, you know, people never take that kind of stuff seriously….

Anyway, back to the clangers and the much-younger spouse to whom they are attached: All three are starting to ring alarm bells, even at Free Republic.
The age of his wife does not bother me so much but the idea that his mother-in-law is 4 years younger than him is a little creepy.

In truth, I don’t think it’s the age difference that will bother people so much as the fact that she’s been photographed so much with her ta-tas hanging out to a degree that is unprecedented for first ladies. We just aren’t used to knowing that much about a first lady’s ta-tas.

What is it about Romney fans that makes (some of) them absolutely obsessed with Jeri Thompson's breasts?

I really do think that her way of dressing will turn off some people. They expect a certain reserve in a first lady.

It is just a question of decorum. You either have it all the time, or you don’t.

What you call “modesty” implies to me something “burqhish.”

I will not lower myself to use the word ta-tas, good grief!!!

How about “BAZONGAS”?

From the movie Harold and Maude....
PRIEST: (very reasoned and slow) Now, Harold, the Church has nothing against the union of the old and the young. Each age has its own beauty. But a marital union is concerned with the conjugal rights. And the procreation of children. I would be remiss in my duties if I did not tell you that the idea of -- (he swallows) -- intercourse -- the fact of your young, firm -- (growing disturbed) -- body commingling with the withered flesh, and flabby buttocks -- makes me -- (falls apart) -- want to vomit.

I suppose there are people shallow enough to discredit a political candidate based on his wife’s decolletage, but serious minded, thinking people won’t stoop to that.
And there you have it.

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