Monday, May 28, 2007

Well, they asked for it.

No NeoconsGood ol' Harry at Chase Me Ladies, I'm With the Cavalry points the way to a particularly irritating, occasionally offensive, and sometimes baffling collection of conservative T-shirts.

I've never been a fan of political T-shirts and bumper stickers. Life is too complex to be reduced to anything that would fit on even the paunchy front of the average American adult and the big-ass rear end of the average American car.

Infant ToddlerAnd why would anyone put this T-shirt on their baby? Did Mommy cancel the appointment at the last minute? Did Daddy hold Mommy captive in the backwoods for nine months? Did the doctor remove Mommy's appendix by mistake? See, this shirt is just baffling and goofy at the same time.

Border SecurityTo add further insult, the T-shirts are not even truly made in the USA. They're montado en America Central. I suppose the rationalization is that at least it keeps "them" sewing away down there rather than having them hauling their leprosy-riddled bodies up here. At least, since the printing is actually done in the US, the Central American workers won't have the ironic honor of assembling this design.

Anyway, in honor of the American troops serving in Iraq (above) and in celebration of the recent raise in the minimum wage (below), I am unveiling these two design revisions from the collection.


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