Sunday, April 29, 2007

The Awful Truth

At some point early in the Reagan administration, the "public at large" made it known that it no longer wanted the truth, and so the Washington Post happily agreed to stop forcing the truth upon them.
WALTER PINCUS: We used to do at the Post something called truth squading. --President would make a speech. We used to do it with Ronald Reagan the first five or six months because he would make so many-- factual errors, particularly in his press conferences….

WALTER PINCUS: And after-- two or three weeks of it-- the public at large, would say, "Why don't you leave the man alone? He's trying to be honest. He makes mistakes. So what?" and we stopped doing it.

BILL MOYERS: You stopped being the truth squad.

WALTER PINCUS: We stopped truth squading every sort of press conference, or truth squading. And we left it then-- to the democrats. In other words, it's up to the democrats to catch people, not us.
I wonder how many individuals constituted the "public at large"? And just what were their political affiliations?

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