Friday, April 07, 2006

Post Vacation Stress Disorder

I'll be honest: I want to go back to DisneyWorld. For a solid week I didn't watch the news (or any television, for that matter) or read any newspapers. And it's been hard getting back to reality. Oh, I've had the TV on, but I've been watching stuff I never would have watched before my vacation, including a VH-1 documentary on "Britney Spears' Secret Childhood."

Maybe that Mission: Space ride at EPCOT blew out some neuronal junctions in my brain.

What's more, on the journey back (via the sleek and luxurious Amtrak Auto Train) I started reading Kevin Philips' American Theocracy. Brilliant book -- but it drained vast amounts of lifeforce. What kind of masochist reads American Theocracy on the Auto Train back from DisneyWorld?

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