Saturday, February 18, 2006

Ridicule is resistance

Via Smirking Chimp comes Stan Goff's "The shootist: Why Cheney's hunting accident matters," a scathing examination of The Big White Hunter's could-have-been-fatal my bad oopsie and why we should continue the mockery.
This is the age of postmodern politics - the age of impression management. This is the time when the narrative is used to trump reality. No doubt perfidy has always characterized politics, but the good old days of no-bullshit thuggery and patrician patronage has given way to the construction of puerile caricatures. And many thought that Bush was the mediocre narcissist who liked to dress up in flight suits and caper across the decks of aircraft carriers.

This incident exposes Cheney himself as just another costumed buffoon, and not the Darth Vader figure he and his desperately insecure admirers seemed to relish.


That's why I relish every jibe and joke, and I hope people milk this incident for all its worth. I oppose male power, and white power, and the reign of narcissists. With every grant of legitimacy, we grant power. Ridicule is a potent political weapon. It is a form of resistance.
Amen, brother Stan. So keep those one-liners, cartoons, knock-knock jokes, and photo-caption contests coming, folks.

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