Tuesday, February 28, 2006

The fragged Amazon.com book review as evolving art form

Hat tip to David Horowitz for pointing the way to the fragged Amazon.com reviews of his latest, ah, effort — The Professors: The 101 Most Dangerous Academics in America.

These are my favorites from the tags listings.
__Almost as bad as Ann Coulter
__Exactly as bad as Ann Coulter
__Even worse than Mona Charen
__Definitely do not let children near it
__The war on brains
__Complete crap
__Authors who did not win Peabody Award
__Whiny authors with a persecution complex
__Waaah libruls have all the fancy degrees
And, because of its jarring juxtaposition and momentary inscrutability, my favorite favorite
__Tillies Christmas
Amazon helpfully points out that Customers Who Used the Tag "Tillies Christmas" Also Tagged Omaha Steaks Spiral Sliced Ham (1) 7 Pounds.

Tillie, unless you're a total Horowitz groupie, I have the feeling this Christmas present will break the craptastic meter. The ham, however, will be delicious.

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