Monday, January 09, 2006

Meme-tagged: 5 weird things

dadahead requests that I reveal 5 weird things about myself.

Now, these aren't the weirdest things about myself, but they are the ones I will admit to.

1. One of my tonsils (the left one) was put on display in a medical school as an example of a thoroughly rotten little bugger.
2. I watch news programs in languages I don't understand; it's the only way I'm sure I'm not being indoctrinated.
3. I am totally phobic about nuns in traditional habits and Friday the 13th, whether their occurrence is joint or separate.
4. I am afflicted with the syndrome of inappropriate laughter, which means no hospital visits, funerals, or jury duty.
5. I love garden gnomes, but I don't arrange them in the landscaping. I group them together so it looks like a gnome revolution is brewing and they're storming the house.

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