Wednesday, January 04, 2006

But no tater-tots

The latest taste-tested revisions of the US military's MREs have been announced.
Four of the current 24 MREs have been removed and are being replaced by new and improved menus….
Country Captain’s Chicken, Thai Chicken, Beef Teriyaki and Pasta with Vegetables have all been scratched off the MRE menu.
Country Captain's Chicken was so legendarily bad that the poor bastards who got stuck eating it would scrounge around for leftover packets of tabasco sauce just to kill the taste.

The four new MREs given the thumbs-up include a penne pasta dish, chicken fajitas with soft tortillas, Sloppy Joe sauce to put on wheat snack bread, and a cheese omelet breakfast meal.

The potential star of the new 2006 items: the HooAH! snack bar.

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