Saturday, December 24, 2005

Today on Pajamarama

Courtesy of the Pajamas Media random PJ blog selector: Condipundit!

Devoted to all things Condi — or at least all good things Condi, this blog is like the object of its affection, poised and well groomed.

Curious that so much is made of Condi's poise and grooming, which, as I recall, also are two critical elements in the selection of Miss America. It seems to imply that, by comparison, many in the Bush administration are twitchy and slovenly (one less now that Wolfowitz is gone).

Much also is made of Condi's articulateness, but here I have to quibble. Condi is a master of faux articulateness: the ability to string together many long, complex sentences (usually in the passive voice and employing conditional tenses) that state virtually nothing but sound authoritative and commanding to those suckered by style over content.

Oh, and she does it very, very well and to great purpose.

I'm not sure how this skill will serve her in the '08 presidential race, which is what Condi-fanatics dream about every night. They even have backup plans to draft her. And they really get ticked off when the press repeats Rice's assertions that she is not running.
When, finally, it was time to feature Secretary Rice, we discovered three “important” things: She plays the piano, she likes to buy shoes, and she’s not running for President! Oh, yes, Ms. Walters took time to mention that she wasn’t popular among Afro-Americans because she was conservative and Republican.
Oh, that comment about Afro-Americans is another thing that really ticks off Condi-fanatics.

I've never understood Condi-mania, so I am not a good judge of all this. But I have to concede that if elected, Condi will give the presidential stinkeye unlike any president before and probably any president after.

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