Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Weedman flames out

With 6131 of 6310 precincts reporting (apparently parts of NJ haven't been electrified yet), Edward Forchion received 0.40% of the votes in New Jersey's gubernatorial election. Some 8,603 people answered the Legalize Marijuana Party candidate's call to give the FINGER to the Demo-publican parties of New Jersey.

Mr. Nearing says he was 1 of the 8,603 votes. I'm highly skeptical, though, since Mr. N. partakes of nothing stronger than an occasional Guinness (a/k/a liquid nuclear vitamin B complex). And the last quasi-illegal thing I can recall Mr. N. doing was not quite making it to the motor vehicle inspection station in time on the last hour of the last day of the month.

Forchion can hold his head high: He came in sixth out of 10 candidates, and he got nearly four times as many as votes as the Socialist Party candidate.

If I were an MSNBC Senior NJ Election Analyst, I would confidently declare on air: Forchion benefitted enormously from the fact there are four times as many stoners as socialists in New Jersey, plus there may have been some cross-over voting by actual stoned socialists.

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