Sunday, November 20, 2005

Six degrees of links

This week's random linkages…

Starting from Armchair Capitalists's "Expertise? Just Give Me the Drugs," a post about trendy young people (are there any trendy old people?) who bypass the supposed expertise of psychiatrists and self-medicate.

To>> a Freakonomics Blog entry on "Making Profits From Incivility on the Roads" — or, as I like to think of it, This One's for Justice, You Effin' A-Holes.

To>> Marginal Revolution's discovery of some job opportunities for those professional mourners among us who are willing to relocate.

To>> Asymmetrical Information's quick psychoanalysis of economic bubbles and funks, especially the current housing bubble and looming funk.

To>> Tightly Wound's "Flashback," about how being slightly pudgy and slightly pimply in high school prepares you for life.

To>> a press release from the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education about its Guide to First-Year Orientation and Thought Reform on Campus

Is college really that awful these days — all student loans up the wazoo and neural circuitry reprogramming?

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