Saturday, November 12, 2005

Six degrees of links

Starting from The "Next Blog" Blog.

Link to Chase Me Ladies I'm in the Cavalry, to discover this Killer Fact: a barrel of Hewlett-Packard printer ink costs $470,638.

Which links to the original BBC news story. The BBC, citing a Which? magazine article, informs us that the ink in a Hewlett Packard color cartridge costs £1.70 per milliliter, while 1985 Dom Perignon costs only 23p per milliliter.

Side link to Yahoo! Currency Converter site to do some quick math. At the current exchange rate, this works out to $2.96 per milliliter for the ink and 40 cents per milliliter for the exquisite champagne.

Back link to magazine website in order to find out what Which? is all about. Turns out, Which? is where you find independent advice and information about all sorts of things, including a special investigation into "why parking is driving Britain round the bend" — and why a rabbit in Eccles, Greater Manchester, got a parking ticket.

Follow link to find out why that poor rabbit got a parking ticket. Surprisingly, the guilty party was not that perpetual traveler, Buster Bunny, parked illegally in front of a post office while mailing postcards to all the kids of two-mom families he's visited back home.


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