Saturday, November 05, 2005

Great moments in blog commenting

Over at The Huffington Post, the slightly exasperated commenter Zero addresses the "con" arguments on a thread about Democrats putting forth a plan to end the Iraq War.
"What is the point of Democrats putting a plan on the table? What will that accomplish? Other than GOP mouthpieces accusing them of "cut and run"?"

The point of having a plan is that it gives Bush something to deal with/consider/debate the validity of -- instead of always easily claiming that the Democrats have no plan. Duh. A plan which Bush will surely reject, because he is a warmongering greedy idiot.

"Please remember Democrats don't have the power to implement any plan."

That is absolutely no excuse. The power resides in having a plan.

"Bush will certainly not implement a Dem plan. So what is the use?"

Because without a plan, there is absolutely no hope that a plan will ever be considered. Get it?

"The best scenario is for Democrats to win the 2006 election,"

How can they do that if they have no plan? Duh. Kerry and Hillary are idiots for essentially saying "let's wait to see if the Repubs come up with a plan."

"The best scenario is for Democrats to win the 2006 election, then present a plan."

Oh, you were only being ironic, right? I sure hope so.

"Only then. They will then have the power to implement the plan."

Ooops. You weren't being ironic. Sorry to hear it.

"They have no power. Therefore any talk of a plan is just talk, nothing more."

Without a plan, they will never have any power. Duh.

"Those who oppose war will be proved wrong" -- Donald Rumsfeld (9/10/04)

Like, whoa.
Side Note In (unsuccessfully) trying to verify the Rumsfeld quote that Zero cites, I came across The Donald Rumsfeld Library of Quotations. It's an audio collection of Rumsfeld's totally insane rhetoric compiled by BBC4. Laugh hard until like, whoa, you realize the guy is the Secretary of Defense and totally botching a war.

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