Wednesday, November 30, 2005

Crunch along with Dubya

UPDATE So I did do quite a bit of Cheerios crunching during Bush's speech this morning.

Victory was mentioned 16 times; strategy, 11 times; achieve/accomplish, 9 times; plan, 4 times; success (and variants), 3 times; objective, 3 times; conditions, 2 times. "Dynamic" was mentioned only once, as was — curiously — "win."

Here are the words I forgot to anticipate.

Progress was mentioned 9 times (including "real progress" once and "incredible progress" once); will/resolve, 9 times; and clear, 8 times.

The speech also included 4 uses of the phrase "stay the course" — something I think the speechwriters should have avoided altogether.

The Crusader-in-Chief is scheduled to give a new and improved very important presidential speech — now with 0.01% more details! — this morning about progress or something in Iraq.

Since it will be too early in the day for the usual drink-along games, I'm substituting dry Cheerios for booze. The following are my crunch-along words:
__ victory
__ success
__ win
__ winning
__ achieve
__ achieved
__ achieving
__ objective
__ strategy
__ plan
__ dynamic
__ conditions

However, I do reserve the right to head out to the first open bar if Bush says something truly boggling like "a dynamic, conditions-based plan for achieving military victory combined with a winning strategy for political success, including our long-stated objective to ensure equal rights for women."

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