Sunday, October 30, 2005

Take a toke, then go vote!

The Halloween decorations are up, the furnace is on, and the sample voting ballot is in the mailbox. By statute, New Jersey gubernatorial candidates are allowed to submit a statement (500 words or less) that is printed on the back of the sample ballot. This one is a classic.
Edward Forchion
Legalize Marijuna Party

The reason I'm running for Governor isn't because I think I will win, but for the opportunity it gives me (and anyone who votes for me) to give the "FINGER" state-wide to our Demo-publican party politicians who wage their LIE based "WAR on US." "Us" meaning: "we the people" who freely choose to use substances regardless of what the "do-gooders" think is best. I personally choose to use the "GOD GROWN HERB MARIJUANA" so I fight our government's war on its "POT-FRONT." The fact that I can obtain marijuana any day of the week I choose is testament to the failure of our Government's racist war on drugs. The war on drugs is a $35 billion a year failure that will never be won. For it is "WE THE PEOPLE" that want them! It is for our Freedoms that I run. I'm not rich or seeking power like the other candidates. I'm openly trying to spark a "REEFER REVOLUTION."
There's more, but I think this conveys the herbal essence. I should note that Mr. Forchion also discusses Quakers, Rastafari, the Falun Gong, Iraqi WMDs, and the fact he was legally forbidden to change his name to NJWEEDMAN.COM.

Compare Forchion's stirring prose with these ho-hum statements supplied by the Democrat and Republican candidates.
Jon S. Corzine—Democrat: When you first elected me to the Senate, I promised to fight for New Jersey families against insiders and special interests. Unbought and unbossed—that's how I've served. As your Governor, I will bring these same principles to Trenton….

Douglas R. Forrester—Republican: Dear Residents of New Jersey: It's time to take back New Jersey from the politicians and power brokers who have raised our taxes and turned a blind eye to corruption, and return New Jersey to the people. It's time we brought real change to Trenton….
See, to me, "giving the FINGER" is just so much more to the point.

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