Wednesday, October 26, 2005

The point at which I stopped reading...

Lisa Fabrizio: On the salivation scale, this past week has been a veritable drool-fest for those who inhabit the newsrooms, editorial desks, and websites making up the liberal media world. The Sunday talk shows were awash ….

Cliff Kincaid: The savage left-wing attack on Judith Miller from inside and outside of the New York Times completely misses the point…. She could have done a potential Pulitzer Prize-winning story that could have broken the Joseph Wilson case wide open. It is a story exposing the Wilson mission to Africa as a CIA operation designed to undermine President Bush….

David Gelernter: Casualties concentrate the mind. We refuse to let our soldiers die for too little. America at war has lifted its sights again and again from danger, self-interest and self-defense to a larger, nobler goal. Same story, war after war. Iraq fits perfectly….

Tony Blankley: I truly hope that none of the president's aides have done anything to deserve criminal indictment. Some of them are my friends….

Power Line: Hugh Hewitt has written a lengthy and thoughtful piece….

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