Friday, October 28, 2005

Harriet, we hardly knew ye

Snoopy's dancing for joy (really) about the Harriet Miers withdrawal over at Right Wing News.
Oh man, it's just such a win. I mean they say you can't fight City Hall? Well, conservatives just fought the White House and won! Did I say this is such a great moment, such a great day for conservatism already? Good, because it deserves to be said twice!

Snoopy -- a strict constructionist, originalist, Federalist Society member, and scourge of all those who would legislate from the bench. Who knew?

Elsewhere.… Charles Krauthammer played the shrink he used to be, taking on the role of the asylum doctor who offers Harriet Miers/Blanche DuBois his arm and escorts her past the brutish Stanley Kowalski and his buddies at the end of A Streetcar Named Desire.

An enthusiastic Krempasky at RedState.Org cheers, "Ok everyone -- back to the barracks, let's get ready to get behind a nominee we can support." Now there's an image he might want to rethink.

And at The American Spectator, R. Emmett (still no cure yet) Tyrrell, Jr, reveals his pick for the Supreme Court: Ted Olson, a Republican hack so deeply involved in the Scaife-funded Arkansas Project that he still leaves stains wherever he goes.
Finally there is a qualification that only Olson has. In a time of war on terror no one has thought more carefully about the role of law and the condition of the Constitution in time of this sort of insidious war than Ted Olson. As many know, Olson lost his beloved wife, Barbara, in 9/11…. What Democrat on the Judiciary Committee would take cheap shots at a nominee such as this?
Ah, yes, Olson's beloved third wife, Barbara. She also was a partisan hack. The author of Hell to Pay: The Unfolding Story of Hillary Rodham Clinton, Barbara Olson died while on a book promotion tour for her latest piece of political trash, Final Days: A Behind the Scenes Look at the Last, Desperate Abuses of Power by the Clinton White House.

And somewhere, Ann Coulter is cackling and finger-massaging her overactive thyroid gland.

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