Saturday, October 22, 2005

Hannity: Sometimes things just go poof

Sean Hannity suspects that if those are indeed really bodies of actual dead Taliban, then it might be, you know, a case of spontaneous combustion.
HANNITY: I've looked at the video, at least of what we have, I don't know If there's more of it and it starts in the beginning but what we see is a fire. We don't know who started the fire and don't know if they're actual bodies and don't know any of these questions. But the way it's being reported is designed for people to have a foregone conclusion here. It falls into, you know, the Dick Durbin method of condemning our troops, which is comparing them to Nazis.
Of course. Almost clinched it there, Sean, employing the wait-until-all-the-evidence-is-in argument.

And then you just had to lob that Dick Durbin-Nazi flaming bag of poo.

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