Monday, October 10, 2005

Diplomatically speaking, STFU

From Hardball: A hypercaffeinated and extra-screechy Chris Matthews discusses the NYC subway "terror threats" with a calm and well modulated Richard Holbrooke, former US ambassador to the UN.
MATTHEWS: Let me ask you, Mr. Ambassador, you have got a lot of experience in this field on the international level.
This warning came from Iraq. It did not come from some vague place in the world. I know it may be classified somewhere, but I got it. It‘s coming from Iraq, somebody who was picked up—a couple people. It‘s up to three people arrested now over there, according to the AP. Somebody is squealing, talking about a group of people coming over here, perhaps looking like pharmacists, meeting some people over here when they get over here, just like they did on 9/11, getting together into a cabal and then dropping these satchels of dynamite or whatever, black powder, whatever they‘re using as explosives, plastiques, in the city, in the city‘s subways.

HOLBROOKE: I‘m sorry. Was that a question, Chris?

MATTHEWS: Well, it was a long question.

HOLBROOKE: You‘re just—that‘s such a nice movie script.
I don‘t see anything we can add to this. We‘re hyping the very story you just said a second ago. We ought to not hype. Mayor Bloomberg has done the right thing. Homeland Security should not have taken the shot at him. And it was a shot. And I think we ought to move on.

MATTHEWS: But what was the danger in my—what is the danger in my lying out what we know about this threat?

HOLBROOKE: Because we don‘t know anything. We—we don‘t know. We still don‘t even know what happened on 9/11 adequately.

HOLBROOKE: We certainly don‘t know about this. This is over—this is overkill.
Thank you, Mr. Ambassador.

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