Sunday, February 06, 2005

When Emotional and Sexual Betrayal Simply Aren't Enough, Go on "Larry King Live"

Larry King Live (CNN)

Owen Lafave, Husband of Florida Teacher Accused of Having Sex with 14-Year-Old Student Speaks Out

UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: Owen Lafave says life after the arrest was unbearable, but he planned to stand by his wife, despite pictures and video of their wedding splattered across the Internet and despite a widely publicized police report detailing the accusations against his wife, and claims that Debra Lafave sought the affair with the student because she was having sexual inadequacy problems with her husband.


KING: We're back with Owen Lafave. That is untrue, right?

LAFAVE: That is untrue.

KING: No sexual inadequacy at all?

LAFAVE: We had no problems.

KING: Unless she was faking it to you or something.

LAFAVE: I guess that's always a possibility.

KING: Now, let's go back a little. Is it true that she had a relationship with a woman or a girl in high school?

LAFAVE: It is true. I think that's been exaggerated to a certain extent. There was an incidence with another female student at the time....

KING: Has she talked to you about it?

LAFAVE: Sure. Sure, we had a conversation about it.

KING: In other words, she had an adventure of a lesbian type one time. She was not a lesbian, right?


KING: But she had an adventure once?

LAFAVE: I guess you could call it that.
KING: Is it true that one of your men, the ushers at your wedding warned you?

LAFAVE: Not me directly, no. This is something I found out after she was arrested. Two of my groomsmen actually went to my mother the night before we were married and asked my mother to stop the wedding.

KING: Because?

LAFAVE: Because they thought she was wrong for me.

KING: The speculation about you, what has that done to you, people had to say, what are you gay? Did you not have a good sexual life? What has happened to you publicity-wise, public wise, how are people treating you?

LAFAVE: That obviously was humiliating....For the record, I'm not gay. I have no trouble performing. Everything was fine....

Any title suggestions for the inevitable Enzyte-sponsored Lifetime Channel movie? I'm thinking, "Shocked, Betrayed, and Not Gay: The Owen Lafave Story." But that's just a working title. -- Grace

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