Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Remember, This Is for Entertainment Purposes Only

The McLaughlin Group (link)

TONY BLANKLEY: It's also true that the American invasion on D-Day caused increased production of Nazi materiel. Of course the insurgency is responding to our presence there, but that doesn't mean we shouldn't be there to get the job done we want to do and to defeat the insurgency. As far as Kennedy's statement is concerned -- by the way, we're running a cartoon this weekend in the Washington Times showing a car sinking in a river with Iraq in the back, and Kennedy running out saying, "I'm getting out of here." I think it was disgraceful for him to say on the weekend before the election, one of the most famous names in American politics, to have him undercutting the election in Iraq by saying we're getting out was an absolute disgrace.

ELEANOR CLIFT: Maybe we should do a cartoon of Bush with his drunken driving charge and associate that with Iraq, just to follow up on your --

BLANKLEY: Well, when you edit a paper, go ahead.

JOHN MCLAUGHLIN: We have to move on.

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