Thursday, February 10, 2005

The First Underpants Gnome President

Timetable May Be First Fight in Overhaul of Social Security (New York Times)

By David E. Rosenbaum and Robin Toner

**Several leading lawmakers said Tuesday that, contrary to earlier expectations, they did not expect the White House to submit a more detailed Social Security plan soon. "They haven't said," said Senator Bill Frist of Tennessee, the Republican leader of the chamber.

**Pressed about benefit reductions at public appearances on Tuesday, administration officials offered no answers.

**After a speech about Social Security at the Cato Institute, a libertarian research center that advocates private Social Security accounts, Allan B. Hubbard, director of the president's National Economic Council, ducked questions from the audience about benefit reductions. The president, Mr. Hubbard said, "is not committed to any option."

**Democrats on the Ways and Means Committee tried to coax [Treasury Secretary John W.] Snow into providing more details about the president's plan, but he responded, "The president at this point doesn't have a plan."

Here's my take so far on the Bush Social Security Reform(?) Proposals:
1. Divert Social Security monies
2. ???
3. Retire!

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