Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Caravan Moves On (Or, Is It Really Spotted Like a Dalmatian?)

The Abrams Report (MSNBC)

Panelists: Diane Dimond, Daniel Horowitz

Okay. It's the funky period between the Iraq elections and the Oscars. And nobody expects any zing from the State of the Union speech. Which leaves only one option for full-tilt titillation -- Wacko Jacko's Did He Touch You in Your Special Place trial.

ABRAMS: The program about justice starts now.
ABRAMS: Hi everyone. First up on the docket tonight: With just three days to go—it‘s hard to believe—until the start of the Michael Jackson trial.

Unfortunately, for most of us, it's too late to leave the country.

HOROWITZ: Dan, I—every young man, and you know this, looks for pornography in adult‘s houses, grabs it. That is part of being young. It doesn‘t mean that Michael showed it to him for nefarious purposes.
ABRAMS: Diane, go ahead. You wanted in.
DIMOND: Dan, I got to tell you, this is not just art books here. As we heard in open court today, the district attorney‘s representative said this was male on male pornography, a lot of books of naked children, some graphic, some—quote—“very graphic”, and a whole slew of magazines showing young women, I guess they were 18 years old, but dressed up to look like little schoolgirls all according to the state designed to arouse the young boys. Not only
DIMOND: ... the accuser but his younger brother.
HOROWITZ: I watched—Dan, you had one of those books. You didn‘t show the pictures on your show...
ABRAMS: That was the book from ‘93 though. I mean that was the book from ‘93 that Diane broke...
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And that may still come up...
ABRAMS: Right...
UNIDENTIFIED FEMALE: And that may still come in.
HOROWITZ: ... an art book...
ABRAMS: Yes...
HOROWITZ: That‘s an art book.

Note to district attorneys nationwide: Dan Abrams has in his possession "an art book."

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