Monday, February 14, 2005

A Beacon of Hope and All That for Piano-Playing, Figure-Skating Black Women Everywhere

The Beltway Boys (Fox News)

You get confirmed as the Secretary of State of the most powerful country in the world -- the lone superpower -- currently engaged in a war in Iraq, a war on terror, a war on trade deficits, and a war on cheese-eating, vodka- swilling, sausage-stuffing surrender monkeys, and this is what they say about you.
KONDRACKE: I hate to indulge in personality politics. This is a substance show, after all. But I have, but I have to say, the, the world has got to be impressed with the image of the United States secretary of state is an African-American woman, a dazzling one at that, somebody who’s fluent in several languages, is a skater, is a dancer, is a pianist, and all of that, and is a Republican.

Now, if this doesn’t stun the rest of the world, I don’t know what possibly could. And, I mean, they ought to get the impression that the United States is, really is advertised, a land of opportunity, a beacon of hope and all that, and if they don’t get that impression, they’re hopeless.
Not to detract from Dr. Rice's accomplishments and America's credentials as a beacon of hope and all that, but several countries -- including Great Britain -- have had women presidents and prime ministers. Remember Margaret Thatcher? I don't know if she was a figure skater, but legend has it that in her prime she did a wicked hokey pokey.

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