Tuesday, January 18, 2005

Making Voting Just a Little More Convenient for Today's Busy Iraqi

Special Report With Brit Hume (Fox News)

HUME: What are officials saying about making it possible for Sunnis who like to participate, to be physically able to do that without being intimidated, or possibly risking their life and limb?

Well, there are two or three things that will help Sunnis and help avoid the prospect of them being underrepresented or not being able to vote.
In two of the key provinces where the dangers are high, in Anbar and Nineveh, what they’ll do is allow people to vote anywhere in that province. So if there is a car bomb in your neighborhood, at your polling place, if there’s intimidation, you can go to some other town. Go some other place to cast your vote. Now if you live in Fallujah, you can vote anywhere in that province, or even in Baghdad. So they’re giving people options here to avoid having to go to one single place that might be targeted by the insurgents.

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