Saturday, January 29, 2005

A Continually Updated Sampling of the Media Babbling You'll Be Hearing Until the Conclusion of the Something-Called-an-Election in Iraq


The Big Story With John Gibson: My Word (Fox News)

There'll be big doings in Iraq on Saturday. It will be the day of election eve and Iraqis are now scrambling for the supplies they need to get through a three day shut down of the entire country.
Then, on Sunday it's game time, the big show, the whole enchilada, the last mile... a walk on the wild side.

Here Comes the Election!
Stephen Schwartz (Tech Central Station)

I believe with President Bush that the election will be successful, and that Iraq will soon have a sovereign government. As I have written repeatedly, the most dismaying aspect of the entire proceeding, aside from the terrible loss of human life brought about by the terrorists, is the adoption of an idiom contemptuous of democracy by Western, and especially American advocacy groups, media, and "liberal" politicians. The same activists, commentators and elected officials who clamored for democracy in the "underdeveloped" countries in the radical '60s, and against numerous right wing regimes in Asia, Latin America, and Africa, now express a deep loathing for the globalization of democracy. The liberals and left have reached a point of corruption below which it is difficult to imagine them going.
Perhaps they are merely jealous, because President Bush has brilliantly and eloquently seized the moment....

The Big Story With John Gibson: Interview (Fox News)

JOHN GIBSON, HOST: The historic day just around the corner now, Sunday. Polling stations (search) are in place and security's gearing up, but just because you build it doesn't mean they'll come. It's now up to the Iraqis to make their democracy work by showing up to vote.
Joining me now, former Assistant Secretary of Defense and co-author of "No True Glory," Bing West. Mr. West, today's big question: so quantitatively, how many Iraqis need to vote for the election to be declared a success?


Jonathan Kelley said...

Wow. Wow wow wow wow wow. "One." That's hot.

The limitless corruption of the liberals' souls is dwarfed by the remarkable gullibility of the right.

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