Thursday, December 29, 2005

The point at which I stopped reading…

Christopher Hitchens: Even if you hate George Bush, must you be a Saddam groupie?…

Traditional Values Coalition: A new coalition of Islamic radicals, Hollywood liberals, Communists, and homosexuals has formed to attack President Bush, Christians, and the war on Islamic terrorism….

Max Boot: When you think about it, World War II was far from black and white. Sure, the German and Japanese militarists were evil, but Britain and the United States did terrible things too…. Yet for 60 years, Hollywood has had no problem making movies that depict World War II as a struggle of good versus evil. Rightly so. Because for all the Allies' faults, they were the good guys.

For some reason, Hollywood can't take an equally clear-eyed view of the war on terrorism….

Condoleeza Rice: [W]e must transcend the doctrines and debates of the past and transform volatile status quos that no longer serve our interests. What is needed is a realistic statecraft for a transformed world….

Ben Shapiro: With wall-to-wall media coverage blanketing us in details ranging from the fascinating to the dreary, perhaps we've lost the forest for the trees. Because amidst all the political turmoil, something grand happened this year: America's situation in the world improved by leaps and bounds….

Larry Elder: Bush hatred — the real pandemic….

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